Yuba the Gnome is a former professor of Surviving Fairy Tales at The School for Good and Evil.


Early LifeEdit

When he was younger he was hired at The School for Good as the professor of Surviving Fairy Tales in Group 3. After a while, he got young Merlin in his group and helped him with inventing a potion that switches a person's gender, by testing all the experimental potions on himself.

School for Good and EvilEdit

He was the teacher of Sophie and Agatha.

School for GirlsEdit

After Evelyn Sader returned to the School for Good and Evil and turned it into the School for Girls and Boys, Yuba transformed himself into the female version of himself, Helga, using a potion made by himself and Merlin, so he wouldn't be evicted. 


He is about 3 feet tall, with wrinkly brown and a grey beard. He sports a green coat and a pointy orange hat.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Magical Abilities and SkillsEdit






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